Hans passed away on Friday November 13, 2020.


We are trying to find someone to continue his work,

until then this site will not be maintained.


            Voorlopige homepage van Hans van Schaik


 Is nog in de testfase. Is testing !

 Nog even geduld. Patience please :



knop    http://hvschaik.eu/legesTotal/legesTotal.htm            LEGES


knop       http://home.planet.nl/~hvschaik


knop       http://hvschaik.eu/test-2/catindrev.htm   -> ontwerpcatalogus Indonesia Revenue It takes time for loading the pictures !


knop       http://hvschaik.eu/becak/becak.htm                         BECAK



knop       http://hvschaik.eu/hond/dog-tax.htm                                   DOG tax


knop       http://hvschaik.eu/Radio-lokaal/radio-lokaal.htm   Radio Local



knop http://hvschaik.eu/ohvz/home.htm         OHvZ














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